MediaX 1.2

Small and light media player with plugins galore

MediaX is a stable, very smart and very fast, extremely small media player for Windows. It has a high quality interface that makes it easy to use, with plug-ins (add-ons) coming in the next version to make it better.

A couple of features are not enabled at the moment, but hopefully, they should be ready to use in the next release. It might only be 3MB, but this could one day give Winamp a run for its money.

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MediaX 1.2

User reviews about MediaX

  • taquigraf

    by taquigraf

    "Thanks Desolator"

    We've updated the screenshot for MediaX..   More.

  • Desolator

    by Desolator

    "Owner's Opinion"

    It isn't the best I have seen, but it's pretty good so far, and it has passed it's old PlayMeNow 7.4 at features and ...   More.